Terms of Use and Return Policy

By registering for any of CrossPay services crosspayonline.com, you agree to the terms of service mentioned on this page. CrossPay crosspayonline.com Terms of Service apply to the crosspayonline.com CrossPay crosspayonline.com and any other service currently available or will be available in the future, whether it is at the core of the application or website or comes in succession to my invoices crosspayonline.com in any way or An image that would establish, develop and manage your online stores, whether digital services, field services, or any form of it.
You can review the current terms of service applicable to my billing services at any time and at any moment by visiting the following page: https://crosspayonline.com/privacy-policy.php
My invoices crosspayonline.com and its management team have the right to change and update the Terms of Service by posting it on this page, and we advise you to review the Terms of Service from time to time to learn more about the developments in these terms, especially the terms that can Affect your handling of CrossPay crosspayonline.com.
You must read, acknowledge, understand and agree to all of the terms and conditions published and written on this page as well as within the privacy policy also published on my invoices crosspayonline.com before you use any of my services crosspayonline.com
The slang used across the various platforms of my invoices crosspayonline.com is not necessarily legally acceptable. We kindly ask you to read the official legal language used on the page of the Terms of Service, and once you start using any service From my invoices crosspayonline.com You consider that you have automatically approved and agreed to these terms, and make sure that you review these terms from time to time to find out the latest developments or updates on this document.
1. Account Terms
CrossPay user crosspayonline.com must be of legal age to be subject to commercial transactions (15 in some countries and 18 in others) depending on your country. To access CrossPay crosspayonline.com or use any of its services, you must register using your official name (as in your official ID), current address, contact number (mobile), and email Effective, as well as any additional information required by the service you use in my invoices crosspayonline.com My invoices are entitled crosspayonline.com to refuse your request to join my invoices crosspayonline.com, cancel your existing account, or refuse to provide the service to you, for any reason without explanation.
You acknowledge that My crosspayonline.com will use the email and mobile number you provide as the primary means of communication between you and My crosspayonline.com .
You are responsible for keeping your account password strictly confidential. In my crosspayonline.com we cannot be held responsible or liable for the loss of your password or your failure to keep it strictly confidential. You are responsible for all activities and content of your account (such as: data, credits, links) uploaded by your account to CrossPay crosspayonline.com account.
You should be careful with the financial movements you make on the Fawateer platform crosspayonline.com
Not to appreciate or breach any of the Terms of Service for My invoices crosspayonline.com that causes any problem on any of my invoices crosspay.com offers you to close your account and terminate the services provided to you with the possibility of legal accountability if necessary.
That means
You will not use crosspayonline.com for any illegal act. And remember that as soon as any glitch occurs in this regard, your account and all services related to your account will be canceled and you will be contacted via e-mail and/or mobile number in that case.
2. Account Activation
Pursuant to clause 2.2, the person who establishes an account in any of the “crosspayonline.com” services will be identified as a contracting party (the “account holder”) for the purposes of the terms of service in “crosspayonline.com” and will be the person authorized and authorized to use the account related to the services associated with the account to which the services are granted. It's by "crosspayonline.com".
If you are establishing the account with the authorization of your manager or establishing it on behalf of another person, that person will be the account holder.
If you are activating any of the “crosspayonline.com” services with the authorization or assignment of your manager, your activation of the service is an acknowledgment and recognition by you that you are officially authorized and authorized to contract your delegate (or your principal) with the terms of service of the “crosspayonline.com” services.
When subscribing and activating the service in “crosspayonline.com”, “crosspayonline.com” will request to authenticate your account with it through the currently available means. You acknowledge and acknowledge that you are fully aware that the payment systems associated with “crosspayonline.com” services will be the payment systems approved by you, and that maintaining their confidentiality and keeping them effective and functional is one of the Within your personal responsibilities.
If you do not want to activate your accounts with the electronic payment agencies agreed with "crosspayonline.com", it is your responsibility to cancel and/or close these accounts. When you activate an account for you with any of the “crosspayonline.com” services, the automatic renewal of this activation will be indicated, and your accounts will continue to operate unless you manually choose to cancel the automatic renewal of these accounts.
This means whoever activates or establishes a personal account in any of the “crosspayonline.com” services, he will be responsible for this account as mentioned in the terms of this document (the terms of service in “crosspayonline.com”), even if you made any corporate account or agency and authorized by a person Otherwise, these accounts will also be bound by the terms of the “crosspayonline.com” service.
3. General terms
You must read all the terms mentioned in this section (Terms of Service) and (Privacy Policy) before registering for the “crosspayonline.com” service and before you become a user of these services.
Technical support for "crosspayonline.com" control panel will be provided to all subscribers via e-mail.
Disputes related to “crosspayonline.com” services are resolved by a third party that has no connection in any way with either party or employees of either party. The parties acknowledge that disputes that are difficult to resolve by a third party are considered by the specialized Palestinian courts and related to the subject in question.
The “crosspayonline.com” platform - with its various services - does not work and does not implement any of the obligations of the United Nations regarding international contracts. You acknowledge and acknowledge that You are aware that crosspayonline.com may change any or all of these Terms. You can find the most recent of these items at the link:
These terms posted by crosspayonline.com are effective and regulated immediately upon posting.
Your continued use and use of "crosspayonline.com" services will constitute your acceptance of the changes made to the Terms of Service or even to the Privacy Policy. If you feel that you do not agree to one of the terms, you must stop using crosspayonline.com.
You may not and may not use the services provided to you by “crosspayonline.com” in any way that is prohibited by law and is not morally and legally permitted (including - but not limited to - intellectual property rights) according to the laws of the State of Palestine.
You agree not to reproduce, copy, reproduce, sell or resell anything as a service or part of a service or access to a service or part of a service or product, etc., in violation of Palestinian laws, and if you do so, you will be solely responsible for such violation or violations. And “crosspayonline.com” disavows you in this case, and neither “crosspayonline.com” or any member of its management team bears any responsibility towards these violations, and thus “crosspayonline.com” completely disclaims any responsibility for any violation that may occur to any user of “crosspayonline.com”.
You must not obtain (or even attempt to obtain) any paid or unpaid online service bearing the name “crosspayonline.com” or any of the names related to the “crosspayonline.com” brand or trademarks, whether they are keywords in search engines for quick access Or a domain name or a user name in social networks and the like, or close to its name, and from those commercially registered names of “crosspayonline.com”.
Any questions you may have in this regard or regarding the Terms of Service should be directed to the following email address (support@crosspayonline.com).
You are fully aware that your use of the Services and data transmission or storage in “crosspayonline.com” is regulated by the “crosspayonline.com” privacy policy, which you will find on the previous link.
All of these conditions are written and drafted in Arabic mainly and all those who use “crosspayonline.com” will acknowledge them in their mother tongue, which means: We own “crosspayonline.com” and we are the ones who license it in our way, and no one has the right to divide it or use any part of it illegally and without reference to serve "crosspayonline.com" in any form. And if there is any difference, it will be judged according to the laws in force within the Palestinian territories, and they are affiliated with the Palestinian government.
4. “crosspayonline.com” rights
We at “crosspayonline.com” have all rights to modify, close or block any service without assigning any reason and without prior notice at any time. We have the full right to refuse to provide the service to anyone without giving any reason and at any time we see fit. We may, without any official or legal prejudice against us, erase content or part of the content and/or any account and its contents that we deem to be against law or order, abusive in any way, threatening, threatening, or objectionable; or Subject to infringement of the intellectual property of any party or entity, whoever he is, or against these Terms of Service.
Written or verbal abuse whatsoever (including threats of abusive use and the like) of any “crosspayonline.com” customer, an employee of “crosspayonline.com”, a member of “crosspayonline.com”, or an administrator in “crosspayonline.com”, will subject you to the direct closure of your accounts with “crosspayonline.com”. crosspayonline.com."
“crosspayonline.com” does not review the content of its customers who use “crosspayonline.com” before they post it, and this is not what “crosspayonline.com” matters at all, nor is it the core of “crosspayonline.com” business, and it is not the job of “crosspayonline.com” to prevent any content or prevent / cancel / libel Refusal to participate in any subscriber of "crosspayonline.com", because all of these are not the work of "crosspayonline.com" and do not want "crosspayonline.com", nor the management of "crosspayonline.com", nor the "crosspayonline.com" team.
We have the right to provide our services to everyone and our services are not limited to any exclusive feature in any business field. You acknowledge and agree with “crosspayonline.com” that the managers, employees, and contractors of “crosspayonline.com” may have been “crosspayonline.com” customers as well as shop owners, and that they, as shopkeepers, can compete with you, but they, however, do not have the right to use your confidential information to turn the competition in their favor.
In the event of any problem with the ownership of the account, we have the right to demand any supporting documents from the account holder or the claimant of the account ownership, and these documents may include (but are not limited to) commercial records or official identification bearing the personal photo or the last four numbers of the account. The credit card registered in our systems...etc. It is our right in “crosspayonline.com” to classify the account and its subordination in our way, and we have the full right to classify the real account holder according to the supporting documents that we see as imposing the owner’s ownership of his account.
We also have the right to refuse, close, modify, freeze or transfer the ownership of the account in any way we deem appropriate in the event of any dispute or conflict over the ownership of the account between two or more persons.
5. Limitation of liability
You fully understand and acknowledge that “crosspayonline.com” (nor its management, nor its employees) shall not be liable, direct, indirect, or special, for any event, incident or condition of any kind of damage (including but not limited to financial loss, mutilation or misrepresentation). reputation, misuse or loss of data, etc.) or other losses for not being able to use the Service properly.
Neither “crosspayonline.com” nor its management team and/or its operators, employees or service providers shall be liable for any financial losses or any kind of loss resulting from an event or group of events during entry or exit from any of the “crosspayonline.com” services or if a violation of These Terms of Service including disclaimers.
You represent and warrant that “crosspayonline.com” (employees, administrators, investors, owners, employees, partners, agents, etc.) are harmless to you and that you disclaim any claim, suit, claim or the like, including attorneys’ fees, created by any third party As a result of your failure to follow the terms of the service and the documents that follow by reference, or your penetration of our systems or the systems of the Saudi state, or as a result of your breach of any rights owned by any other party related to your products and stores.
Your use of our services is your sole responsibility and risks follow you and you only, the service is provided to you as it is (as we made it) and (as we provided) without guarantees, promises or any legal liabilities of any kind.
“crosspayonline.com” does not guarantee or promise that the Service will not be uninterrupted, secure or always available without any damage or without problems. Also, crosspayonline.com does not guarantee that the intended results from the use of its services will always be 100% correct, error-free and completely reliable.
“crosspayonline.com” does not guarantee the quality of any product, any service, any information or data, or any sales and/or purchases that occur through its platform that it will be exactly what you expect or that any error will be corrected by it or on its responsibility - except as stated in ("crosspayonline.com" guarantee) to be explicit.
in another meaning:
It makes no sense or validity to hold us responsible for violating the laws or not following the instructions mentioned by us after they were fully explained by us in exchange for damages to any party that occurred, we do not give guarantees (except for what was mentioned in the word “crosspayonline.com” guarantee).
6. Waiver and full contract
The failure to implement a provision of the Terms of Service or the Agreement by “crosspayonline.com” shall not constitute a waiver of the right of “crosspayonline.com” to exercise or enforce this right.
The Terms of Service represent the entire agreement and the overall contract between you and “crosspayonline.com” and they govern your use of the services provided by “crosspayonline.com”, and they supersede any prior agreements between you and “crosspayonline.com” including (but not limited to) any previous Terms of Service.
which means:
If “crosspayonline.com” (represented by its management, employees or representatives) chooses not to implement a provision of this document at any time, this does not mean that it gives up its right to implement it, these terms of service constitute the agreement that applies to you, and this also means that if there were Any prior agreements between you and “crosspayonline.com” will not apply if they conflict with these terms and conditions.
7. Intellectual property and customer content
It will not be bypassed by us by giving your confidential data to any other party whatsoever, except for the parties necessary to provide the service(s) related to “crosspayonline.com” only as necessary, and confidential data includes any data provided to us by you and is not known to the public.
Confidential data does not include data that:
a) It was available on any public website before or while it was uploaded to “crosspayonline.com”
b) It was made available on a public site after it was uploaded to “crosspayonline.com” and is not an error from “crosspayonline.com”
c) It is required to be provided by law or regulation and you will be notified of this type of claim, if any “crosspayonline.com” reserves the non-exclusive rights and official authorization to use your personal or business name, trademark, service mark, products or logos to publicize the marketing of the “crosspayonline.com” or related services
8. Payments and fees
An effective bank account for wire transfers or a credit card for electronic payment must be provided for the various payments required by “crosspayonline.com” or related services by its partners.
All financial transactions obtained by “crosspayonline.com” are not included in any kind of taxes, neither internal, regional, municipal or national. Rather, they are tax-free payments, and if any fees are imposed by any official body on the mechanism of “crosspayonline.com” work, it will be added These taxes or fees are automatically applied to your financial transactions.
If there are taxes imposed on “crosspayonline.com” as a result of financial movements that take place at any time in the future, those taxes will be deducted in advance by “crosspayonline.com” and provided to the authorities that imposed them, and if it turns out that you are exempt from these taxes, you must provide the necessary papers to crosspayonline.com” will be officially announced to clarify this exemption, and you will be exempted from taxes only from the date you provide the documents referred to in the exemption to the “crosspayonline.com” department.
All invoices that will be issued from crosspayonline.com will be in the Palestinian pound, and the Palestinian pound is the recognized currency in all "crosspayonline.com" services, except for services in which it is expressly stated that they will be treated in a currency different from the Palestinian pound.
9. Refund Policy
The customer gives the service provider an absolute and irrevocable authorization to debit the value of any transaction executed through the card linked to his electronic wallet to the account of the electronic wallet linked to him.
The client authorizes the service provider under this deed to take any measures he deems appropriate and/or necessary for the purposes of implementing local and international laws, regulations, and instructions related to money laundering and combating terrorist financing.
The customer has the right to object to fraudulent movements that may take place on his card, provided that the number of objection movements does not exceed fifteen at the same merchant, and the customer is also entitled to object to the movements made on his card within a period not exceeding 120 days from the date of the movement for reasons including: Poor service provided From the merchant, an error in the value of the transaction, failure to obtain the service, or any other reasons, and the objection is considered within the available data and documents in order to decide on the eligibility of the objection or not.
The cost of objecting to the financial movements is ($25) fifteen dollars, for each case separately, and it is deducted from the account of the objector on the “Fawateerati” platform and will be refunded if the objection is proven correct, and the objection request is considered as a pre-authorization from the wallet holder to the applicant The service collects the objection fee from the wallet, and the objection holder is obligated to provide the amount of the objection fee in the wallet. Otherwise, the objection request is not considered valid.
The objection shall be answered within a period not exceeding 45 days from the date of completing the objection procedures, and the client shall be notified of the results of the objection by phone and/or by text message to the address registered with the company.
10. Cancellation and Termination
You can cancel your account at any time by sending an email to support@crosspayonline.com and following the instructions that you will receive in response to your message.
In the event that your account is canceled for any reason by either party (you or “crosspayonline.com”) then:
- crosspayonline.com will stop providing any of its services to you
- crosspayonline.com will not allow you to log in with the canceled account
- You will not be entitled to request a refund of any amount for any service or part of a service that you started with or through “crosspayonline.com”
- Any outstanding or unbilled amounts will be exported as a direct invoice and will be due immediately without pre-emption or procrastination
We have the right to modify or close any account at any time for any reason, without informing its owner.
11. Forgery and fraud:
For example, but not limited to the penalties applicable to forgery or fraud, “crosspayonline.com” will suspend or cancel the account in the event that it appears that you in any way have been convicted or settled with you or have been requested to investigate or anything like in a case of fraud or fraud via your account.
Beware: in case of forgery or fraud of any kind; Your account will be suspended or canceled immediately.